To promote the goals of the Ohio State Medical Association Alliance and the American Medical Association Alliance; to inform and support the medical family; and enhance the quality of life through health education, legislation, and community service in Ohio.
-OSMAA Mission


Our History


The Ohio State Medical Association Alliance was organized on May 15, 1940 at the Hotel Gibson in Cincinnati, Ohio. Composed of physicians’ spouses, this organization has been and continues to be involved in promoting passage of good health legislation; educational programs such as those concerned with prevention of substance and child abuse, AIDS, teen pregnancy, and dysfunctional families; and support of quality medical education by raising funds for the American Medical Association Foundation.

At the first executive board meeting of the Women’s Auxiliary to the OSMA, a gavel was presented to Mrs. Edwin Purdy, 1940-41 President, Stark County, by the Canton Chamber of Commerce. The gavel was presented on October 9, 1940, at the Deshler-Wallich Hotel in Columbus, Ohio. It was made of wood from President William McKinley’s home. This gavel has been passed to each president upon installation.

The Alliance Today


Today, the Alliance still lives up to its original mission of promoting good health through legislation, educational programs, and support of quality medical education by raising funds for the American Medical Association and other nonprofits dedicated to helping the health of Ohioians. The Alliances encompasses ___ county Alliances around the state of Ohio, but continues to welcome any spouse of an Ohio physician.

The OSMAA hosts two major conferences each year, Fall Focus and Annual Meeting, to connect, educate and empower its members. Members are subscribed to To Keep In Touch, the members-only OSMAA newsletter, and TouchPoints, the bi-weekly OSMAA e-newsletter. The Alliance works closely with the OSMA and its county alliances to promote their good works, spread knowledge and elevate the overall health of Ohio.